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Societe 3 lb. Roquefort Cheese !! US SELEER !! if you have some question,please contact us 570-251-7751 or Email us

Societe 3 lb. Roquefort Cheese !! US SELEER !!

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if you have some question,please contact us 570-251-7751 or Email us

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Dubbed the "King of Cheeses" by many philosophers, writers, and emperors throughout history, treat your guests to the rich, intense flavor and aroma of Societe Roquefort cheese. Made with perfumed raw sheep's milk that balances the cheese's earthy aroma, this sharp, salty, assertive blue cheese features a creamy texture with an ivory coloring and emerald-green veining. Roquefort's savory flavor pairs well with sweet fruits like figs, apples, and dried apricots, as well as with walnuts and golden honey. Crumble it over a salad, use to create a handcrafted, gourmet dressing, or melt it on top of your perfectly-seared steak. Or, serve on a dessert cheese board as an elegant way for diners to finish their meals, along with the traditional pairing of Sauternes dessert wine.
Featuring a history as rich as its taste, Roquefort cheese was the first cheese to be granted French AOC status in 1925, and was granted EU PDO status in 1996, thus protecting its traditional methods of production and unique characteristics. Societe Roquefort cheese is aged for at least 90 days in the natural, humid limestone caves within the Roquefort region of France, and is crafted using the liquid Penicillium roqueforti found in the damp caves. As it ages, the exterior of the cheese is salted to prevent the growth of a rind, leaving the outside moist and the inside creamy and slightly crumbly. Whether incorporating onto a cheeseboard or into your entrees, this renowned, flavorful cheese promises not to disappoint.