"This Polish deli has an excellent selection of fresh meats and breads for the consumer who is looking for variety. The staff is helpful in explaining the differences in tastes and how to best prepare some of their fresh meats. They also run a food stand in front of the store during the summers. There is a variety of unique products for sale that you couldn't find in regular grocery stores, such as Polish candies. The fresh baked breads are excellent." 

*With a huge selection of baked goods including cheese babka, poppy seed roll, angel wings, Lithuanian Rye, German Pumpernickel, and Polish Rye, no one can leave without being satisfied.  Sandwiches such as  a hot pastrami sandwich served with polish dill pickles are a customer favorite.  No store is complete without candies and sweets.  Here you can find a wide variety of German, Polish, and Italian sweets.  A few favorites are Prince Polos, delicious E.Wedel chocolates, and german chocolate. Don't miss out!
Tel: 570-251-7751