Seafood & More
Fish & Chips-Enjoy a delightful meal of lightly hand breaded fish varying from lemon sole, pacific sole, flounder, haddock, cod, whiting, salmon,
Vancouver wild salmon, Halibut. 

We only have 100% certified wild american fresh seafood
Seafood salads:
- Shrimp
- White Fish Salad
- Salmon
- Tuna
- Octopus
- Sesame Seaweed
- Lobster Spread
Also found in the store, a large lobster tank contains many lobsters which can be steamed upon request, or taken home and prepared. Fresh Clams and Oysters are also available to enjoy on the half shell.
Tel: 570-251-7751
More Seafood
-Lobster Tail
-Monkey Fish
-Mahi mahi
-Blue Crabs
​- Whole Crawfish w/ Meat, or Tail