Wide Varieties of Fresh Meats

                   Fresh organic meats, raised with an all vegetable diet, and without antibiotics:

-Cornish Hens

                                 *All Bell & Evans Turkeys  and Chickens are bred, raised and processed on the same farm in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

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Specialty Items
I'll prepare for you:

 Braciole Beef or Chicken
 Skirt and Flank Steak Pinwheels
 Chopped Beef Minute Steak
 Pork Medallions

 In Stock Fresh Cut  Beef:

 Beef Tenderloins
 Hanger Steak
 Prime Rib
 New York Strip
 T-Bone Steak
 Sirloin Steak
 Rib Eye Steak
 Porterhouse Steak
 London Broil
 Chuck Steak
 Top Round
 Bottom Round
 Eye of Round
 Beef Tripe
 Beef Stew
 Beef Tongue
 Short Ribs
​ Chopped Meat

Fresh Cut Veal in Stock:

 Veal Cutlets
 Veal Chops
 Veal Shanks-Osso Bucco
 Veal Liver
 Veal Stew
 Ground Veal
 Veal Roast

Fresh Cut Pork in Stock:

 Fresh Ham
 Pork Chops
 Spare Ribs
 Baby Back Ribs 
​ Boneless Pork Loin
 Boston Butt
 Ham Shanks
 Pig Knuckles

 Whole Suckling Pigs from 10-500lbs   BBQ to order.

Fresh Cut Lamb in Stock:

 Rack of Lamb
 Leg of Lamb
 Loin of Lamb Chops
 Lamb Shanks
 Lamb Stew
 Lamb Kidneys
 Ground Lamb 

Lamb Loin Chops
French Rack of Lamb
Leg of Lamb